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What type of work do we do?

We do all types. We've been practicing as architects since 2010 working on residential projects including renovations and new builds, as well as commercial projects primarily in the hospitality sector.

In addition to architecture projects we're also involved in production design and creative direction. If you have a creative project that's a bit off centre we'd love to hear from you.

Do we provide pro bono services?

Yes! We've provided pro bono work in the past and the experience was really great for us. We strive to be as community focused as possible. 


If you are a Charity Organisation or Not For Profit we will happily review your project and assess if we can provide discounted or pro bono services.

We are also part of the Australian Institute of Architects initiative Architects Assist where we offer architectural services pro bono or for discounted rates to people who lost their homes to bushfires and other natural disasters. 


The fee for your services will depend on the 3 C's of Cost: Complexity, Quality, and Quantity (like the 3 R's of education).

If your project is structurally complex, uses high quality materials, and is quantitatively large, the construction cost will be high. We'll work with you to balance all of these to meet the budget that you set.

Are we flexible with payment options?

Absolutely! We understand how expensive construction projects can be and we'd like our services to help get your project off the ground. We're happy to discuss creative deferred payment models so you can get moving with the other important stuff.

Can you see our work somewhere?

For sure! Seeing our work in pictures is one thing but visiting them in person is something else. You can look into the opening hours of our hospitality clients such as Allpress Collingwood and La Marzocco Melbourne and have a walk around our drawings.


If you like the spaces we've designed we'd love to hear from you!

Do you know any architect jokes?

An architect told me he had a great joke about architects the other day, but he's still working on it.

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