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Open Creative Studio_LaMarzocco_Piccolo_

We are a small architecture and interior design firm with a passion for projects that uniquely represent our clients and benefit the rest of the community as well. While we work using an architectural design process, we are OPEN to anything that allows us to be CREATIVE and collaborative with others in our STUDIO.

We are passionate about providing our clients with a positive experience throughout their project. There are a lot of new and exciting experiences in the architecture process. To help make this less daunting, we communicate as clearly as possible what the plan is and what's going to happen next.


Everyone who forms the project team has experience that will make our projects special. We put on paper what we'd like to see, our consultants make sure it will work, and our builders and craftsmen make it feel great. Without everyone's input, our designs wouldn't get past the drawing table, so we make sure that we listen to everyone's experience along the way.

We are registered to work on projects in Victoria, Tasmania, and New South Wales.

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